One Soccer Nation Partners with Powered By ARC

Official Press Release: Partnership between One Soccer Nation podcast and Powered By ARC website builder

Niko Kattis · March 4, 2022

One Soccer Nation and Powered by ARC are proud to announce a working partnership that will connect One Soccer Nation athletes with opportunities to promote themselves, while also providing exposure for both One Soccer Nation and Powered by ARC’s organizations.

“We are extremely excited at Powered by ARC to add One Soccer Nation to the ARC Family. Our goal will be to maximize exposure for these athletes and help unlock their potential off the pitch by automating their online presence through our personal AI website builder, ARC Profile” says Gihan Fonseka, CEO and founder of Powered by ARC.

The goals of the partnership is to:

  • Help One Soccer Nation athletes promote themselves in a unique, automated way.
  • Find opportunities for One Soccer Nation and their athletes, to find and identify partnerships and sponsorships through the ARC Profile system
  • Elevate the already professional delivery of One Nation Soccer content to scouts, brands, and recruiters

About One Soccer Nation: One Soccer Nation is a podcast that features many pro and semi-professional soccer players, where elite performance, insights, and soccer experiences are discussed.

About Powered by ARC: Powered by ARC offers a quick, easy, and affordable AI website builder to athletes in all stages of their careers. From aspiring junior athletes, to senior high school athletes looking for scholarships, to semi-pro athletes looking to take the next step, an athlete profile allows users to connect with coaches, scouts, brands, teammates, and fans. At Powered by ARC, we are excited to see you grow and succeed!

Niko Kattis

Marketing & Sales

Powered by ARC