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A website builder targeted for Athletes, Streamers, and Social Media Influencers. ARC Profile is making it affordable to create your online resume.

Oliver Kofoed · June 28, 2021

Powered by ARC (Formerly Athelink) has been on a journey for 10 years trying to find the perfect way to enhance the Athlete and Video Game Streamer experience. Our goal is to focus on them, their families, friends, and fans to create the most immersive experience we possibly can.

Given the current state of the pandemic, we see how everyone wants to get back on to their field, ice, court and just get back to some sort of normal. Powered by ARC can help with the recovery by providing a revenue stream and a way to promote athletes and streamers. You're a Student-Athlete trying to apply to college who needs some sort of Athletic resume, or a Twitch Streamer trying to get your breakthrough moment to harness your fanbase, Powered by ARC is here to help push you to the next level.

We realize that time and money are scarce for the masses who are trying to make it. That is why we keep our pricing affordable so that you can focus on what you love. With our incredible Website builder, we can help you set up your brand in minutes.

Purpose of ARC Profile?

ARC Profile is an all-in-one website builder aimed at helping individuals and small groups showcase their passions and accomplishments. Profile has full integration with all major social media and streaming platforms making it the perfect place to manage all your accounts. Each website is built with fully customizable sections allowing for a fast and dynamic approach to one-page website building. With multiple arrays of sections and designs, there are endless combinations that allow you to tell your unique story to the world. Along with integrated google analytics and SEO metrics, ARC profile puts your brand in your hand and allows you to see your website's performance.

Athletic Resume

Honing skills are very important in athletics to help you stand out during a match, but some have found a better way to get noticed outside of the match. Some athletes have started using social media to get noticed by scouts or build a following. However, as athletes are bettering themselves on and off the field, they are running into the reality that it is hard to make yourself stand out from the competition. An athletic resume is a piece of content that showcases an athlete’s accomplishments, strengths, and experiences. ARC Profile helps to create a unique athletic resume in a way no other form of media can.

With the NCAA approving the Name Image Likeness policy for college athletes, we believe ARC Profile can help these athletes really maximize their sponsorship dollars. Unique opportunties can be brought forward when you have your own branded website.


Streamer Homebase

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been forced to stay inside and find a new outlet for their time and social needs. Naturally, this has led many to pick up streaming to get their social interaction while participating in a fun activity. Looking at twitches numbers show a 500% increase in the amount in concurrent channels, from 19.2k to 114k. However, as time has gone on and the pandemic has lasted longer than most expected, it has resulted in some people developing strong fan bases on streaming platforms. Twitch alone has seen an increase of over 250% in viewership from 2016 – 2021 rising from 600k concurrent viewers to over 2.1 million. Pair this massive viewership increase with an even larger channel increase and you get the perfect recipe for a fun hobby to turn into a full-time job.

However, for many, there are a lot of uncertainties that come with streaming that are only amplified by the pandemic. With ARC profile you’ll find an intuitive tool that will help you with anything from community management to self-promotion. ARC Profile has integration with all the popular social media platforms allowing for an easy place to aggregate all your notifications for your community. Post your favourite clips for Twitch or YouTube and tell your story in a way that true to you and your brand image. Keep your fans up to date with full Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook integration so they never miss an update.



Creating an online portfolio is critical for any aspiring media creator as the world had shifted to a digital format. Whether it's music, art, or content creation ARC profile provides the most cost-effective and easy ways to promote your content. ARC profile has many templates with simplistic designs that allow for the clean promotion of your materials. Sell yourself to potential employers by letting your work do the talking, with ARC profile you tell the decide your narrative. With Bandcamp and Spotify integration you can share your sound in a simple and effective way. Make your content the centre of your website or tell your unique story, you have the choice to make your online Portfolio unique.


Being a part of a team is one of the most fulfilling things in the competitive world as you develop friendships that last a lifetime. So being able to showcase your team's achievements is what competing is all about and with ARC Profile it's now simple and affordable. Link social media accounts to post team updates and other content or highlight accomplishments with minimalist or fun designs. With its clean user interface, ARC Profile allows for true customizability and is perfect for any team, clan or guild for their webpage.

For NSOs, SSOs, PSOs, Charities, Streamers and Olympic Athletes looking to add a revenue stream, reach out to [email protected] to learn more about our Affiliate program. We want to help you recover from the pandemic. We're excited to work with you and the hundreds of thousands already using ARC software.

We build your brand. Fast.

The Powered by ARC Team