How to get scouted as a hockey player

An overview for hockey players looking to get noticed at the next level

Powered by ARC · October 5, 2021

  ↵If you are a hockey player, you know how fierce the competition is when trying to move up to the next level. There are upwards of 1.1 million registered ice hockey players in North America alone. In order to succeed, you must find ways to stand out of the pack. This article is not for the Crosby’s and McDavid’s of our world, but for those players who are dedicated, hardworking, and want the recognition they deserve. Sometimes all you need to succeed is the right opportunity, and it is our goal at Powered by Arc to give our players the chance to open as many doors they can by branding themselves using an easy-to-use personal website.

Every hockey player aspires to graduate minor hockey and advance to the junior level. The game becomes faster and more physical, and this is where college and pro teams have scouts looking to recruit emerging players. Playing hockey can be the most fun and exciting period in a young adult’s life and it is our mission to help our players get to where they want to be. Whether you play minor hockey, or have already made it to junior, exploring the idea of playing at the collegiate or professional level, here are three ways a brand profile can help you get recognition, and advance your playing career.

Stats & Analytics

There is always strength in numbers. Maintaining a record of your individual statistics will give coaches and scouts a quantifiable measurement of what you can bring to them.  Whether it be scoring production, saves, faceoff wins, blocks, hits, +/-, etc.; adding this information to your profile can give recruiters a tell-tale sign of what your game has to offer.

Highlights & Video

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a personal highlight reel will do. A video directly conveys to the viewer what you are trying to communicate; your game. Take clips from your game film and upload a highlight reel to show scouts what they're missing. Players are remembered for their best highlights, and what better way to be remembered by someone in the hockey world than having your greatest clips uploaded on an easily accesible website. People around the globe can admire your best hockey plays and will be able to track your schedule, games, and statistics.

Athletic resume

At the end of the day, hockey is a game about winning. We give you an opportunity to showcase and maintain a record of your accomplishments as an elite hockey player. If you are a student, this is a great opportunity for displaying academic achievements and aspirations. An athletic resume will boost your personal brand and give you an advantage over your competition, off the ice.