Benefits of Creating a Personal Website

In this day and age, people have become much busier in their lives, resulting in less time for people to hear about you and your accomplishments

Leena Sultani · August 26, 2021

In this day and age, people have become much busier in their lives, resulting in less time for people to hear about you and your accomplishments. Creating a personal website, from now on we will call them  profiles, helps with conveying information through unique platforms while displaying one's creativity to stand out. It is a place where one can write about their proudest moments and greatest stories while getting recognition for all of their hard work. It has become something that many employers, scouts, coaches, and more look into, and encourage others to build one of their own. Building and sharing a profile is of great importance. 

This blog will feature five reasons how creating a profile will become beneficial to you as an athlete, student, and reader. As a bonus, it will feature examples of a profile (made on

  1. Organized
  2. Brand Growth
  3. Professionalism
  4. Technology in the modern era
  5. Name Image Likeness

1. Organized

Your profile is a showcase of what you have accomplished, created and want to display so keeping it organized is crucial to its success. Sometimes showcasing all of your information can be overwhelming as you might not know what is important and what is not. Keeping a neat and organized profile ready gives you the confidence that anyone who views it will see only the best of you. This makes for easy access to information, and will help aid in quicker navigation to key details instead of fumbling around trying to find what is needed. Creating a profile that is organized also helps you to appear more professional which will help you be taken seriously and get you results. ARC Profile helps you to categorize your accomplishments simply and effectively while still presenting it in a way that appeals to scouts, fans, or sponsors. With simple to use software and expertly crafted sections that allow for full customization ARC Profile allows you to organize your creativity. 

2. Brand Growth

Your brand is how you want the world to see you and growing your brand is important to building a strong career. With a profile, you get to customize and represent your brand in your own unique way and watch it grow and develop before your eyes. With continuous updates, you show your following your recent achievements and what new and exciting ventures you are working on. With a profile, it becomes much simpler to share and view your growth because with the click of a button. Getting to see your brand grow is one way to motivate you to keep working hard on your career.Brand growth allows for scouts, sponsors, and others to want to connect with you, to work with you. Profile is a perfect way to track your growth and showcase your hard work with integrated google analytics. 


3. Professionalism

Professionalism is important to have when trying to get sponsors, fans and even a job so creating a professional profile is important. ARC Profile gives you a chance to highlight all your key accomplishments that will benefit you in professional environments. It helps you appear to be more credible and trustworthy by the way you present yourself to fans, scouts and sponsors.Getting hired in the athletic world requires some form of professionalism and it can be hard to showcase that without references for potential employers to draw off. ARC Profile is not only a way for you to display your greatest accomplishments and strongest skills but also a way to market your personality and professionalism. No profile is alike, making it a unique display of your personal brand but the system allows you to do this in a marketable professional way.. As mentioned previously, having a professional tone will allow third-party’s to view your profile more seriously and help you get on their radar more efficiently. 

4. Technology In the Modern Era

We have moved into a society that is ruled by technology, making marketing yourself more complex than traditional networking. A majority of activities are now completed online such as resumes, personal player profiles and social media profiles. A lot of jobs in the modern era have seen traditional application methods over and over again and are now looking for people to stand out. Hoping that your skill alone can carry you in your professional career is not enough for most people so taking any advantage you can puts you in the best position. Online resumes are becoming more and more popular but still are confusing and difficult to make consistently. Powered By Arc simplifies this process by offering a resume-building tool within the profile to help you combine your profile and resume as one. It is a powerful profile hosting service that gives you the tools you need to accomplish your best work. Building these profiles, resumes, or profiles will all help you to stay ahead, so you do not fall behind.

5. Name Image Likeness Policy

The name, image, likeness policy discusses the importance of being able to profit from your publicity and to get paid for it through endorsements. The law states that a college athlete must get proper compensation when their name, image, or likeness is being used, which was not possible for these college athletes before. For athletes building a profile enhances their ability to land paid endorsements by giving them personal marketing tools. These profiles will make it easier for these third parties to contact you and to find you and give you the ability to seek out potential sponsors. Simple maintenance of your profile, i.e. posting updates, will put you one step closer to gaining profit from your accomplishments. The court ruled that these college athletes are now capable of using professional websites and services to help maximize their NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) qualities and activities. Within the states, student-athletes have finally gotten the green light to take part in activities that will no longer put them at risk of violating the rules of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). There are more opportunities for college athletes to continue updating and adding these activities and endorsements onto their profiles now. 

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