Student Athlete Jobs (During college/uni)

When you are a student-athlete, it is laborious having a part-time job alongside your practices and studies.

Leena Sultani · November 3, 2021

 Being a student-athlete and having a part-time job during the school year is hard. Sometimes it is difficult to balance out everything that has to get completed, but crossing the finish line and having a job and a degree is worth it. When you are a student-athlete, it is laborious having a part-time job alongside your practices and studies. You begin juggling your schoolwork, schedule, classes, your practice, all while maintaining your job. This can be unmotivating and tiring if piled on too much. This blog will help shed light on seven tips that help you improve and balance your student, athlete, and employee obligations. This article will also feature a list of student jobs suitable for athletes to be employed during their school terms. 

When students are in college or university, they often have to make a decision about what they will do while attending school. Some choose to work while others choose not to, but some like to gain some extra income while at school. The student athlete jobs, while in school, can include coaching, officiating, and any other job related experience to benefit their positions in sports. 

Some jobs can be more beneficial than others, but all of them have a certain amount of responsibility. Athletes have responsibilities when they go from being a student to being a professional athlete. They have to finish school, have a job, and have a social life. The responsibilities of a professional athlete are not easy, and the process of transitioning from a student to an athlete can be intimidating. 

During college and university, students can often find themselves without a job, and sometimes without a lot of money. That’s when student athletes often turn to holding down a job, and many go on to gain a career in sports. What many people don’t realize is that student athlete jobs can be very taxing, and sometimes lead to injuries that could end their career. Which is why down below, there will be a list of jobs suitable for student-athletes, that will not be as time-consuming or full of injury.

What jobs are good for student athletes 

  • Footlocker
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Real Sports Apparel
  • Sport Chek
  • Champs Sports
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Sail


If you are a student athlete, it is important to keep your job status because, without it, you may be unable to participate in your sport. There are many ways to keep your job status, such as finding a part-time job, continuing education, and plenty of other options. This blog will continue to outline some tips on how to keep your job while being a student athlete.

Tips on how to hold onto a job, as a student athlete

Keep your eyes on the prize

  Always keep your eyes on the prize. There will be moments where everything will get piled onto you, and that can become intimidating. Failure to stay focused on what that prize is to you, can lead to that prize falling into someone else’s hands. Always remind yourself why it is that you are doing what you are. Never lose sight of what your end goals are. Maintaining a moderate gpa, having extra curriculars, and showing up to practices are all a part of becoming a pro athlete. Fail to keep up with any of these aspects, and you risk losing your prize. 

Planners and calendars

  A planner or calendar is a way to keep track of your schedule and plan your days. The planner can help with tasks, appointments, plans, where to go, etc. They are helpful with day-to-day life. A planner, or calendar, can also be a way to keep track of where you have been, what you have done, and what you want to do. Keeping a planner with you and/or updating your calendar everyday allows you to still keep your eyes on the prize, while allowing you to keep track of what goes on in other aspects of your life. A planner and calendar help to reduce the risk of forgetting upcoming shifts, events, exams, assignment due dates, practices, etc. They help to prioritize your life, when you become too busy to do so yourself. 

Do not take on more than you can

There are many things to worry about in life, but sometimes, there are some things that are just best left alone. To give someone more than they can handle often just leads to more stress. Once you start taking on more than you can handle, things begin falling apart. You start to focus more on one thing, leaving the other tasks empty, having you fall behind in your other fields. Eventually, this will lead to a very restless and exhausted student-athlete. Make sure to take on enough that you can complete everything on time, do not fall behind, while not overworking yourself by much. Failure to do so, can result in trouble keeping up with daily tasks and could impact your future dreams (AKA, losing the prize). 

Study and plan in advance

Using a calendar and/or planner, as well as taking on as much as you can, will leave you some free time to do what you want. Some people would use this free time to relax, while others use it as an opportunity to work ahead in their studies or get some extra training into their day. The first step to being more productive is knowing what you need to do. When you are able to prioritize what you need to do in your day, you are taking control of your time to be the best you can. When something comes up, make a list of the tasks and prioritize them by how urgent they need to be.


  One of the biggest challenges you will face when attempting to accomplish your goals is the day-to-day task of staying motivated and progressing forward. Sometimes, even when you want to work on your tasks, you may find that you are unable to focus and the work becomes tedious. It can often become discouraging and put you at risk of falling behind in all of your tasks. By following a few simple steps, it's possible to maintain your motivation and avoid falling into a pattern of procrastination. Have someone that you trust to be your personal motivator. When you feel discouraged or intimidated by your tasks, they can be the person to help encourage you to keep going forward. Another tip for staying motivated is writing down goals can help you see and understand how to get to the bigger picture. Using a rewards system is always proven to help motivate a person. Use a reward you think is suitable for you, and give it to yourself after every task is completed.

Study whenever given the opportunity

Every student should study as much as they can, and if they have the opportunity, they should study whenever and wherever they can. This is because studying is an important task for students and it can help them succeed in their future. It helps to raise the gpa of a student athlete, which is a huge part of becoming an athlete in the future. You can study while getting a ride to your next game, waiting for a customer to approach you, record yourself and then play it over your phone during a workout. As you can see there are many ways that you can optimize your study times.

Get rest

In the midst of all of this happening, you want to ensure you are well rested for each task the next day. You want to feel refreshed each day, as it will give you more energy to take on your busy days. Specialists recommend an average of 7-9 hours of sleep, per night, for a restful day. With keeping up with studies, practices, games, shifts, and more, it may seem hard to do so. In order to fight off sleep deprivation, following these steps can help you take on your battle against sleep deprivation, by giving you more time to finish off tasks and more time for shut eye. 

In conclusion, being a student-athlete is a lot of hard work. This is because studying and practicing are required to play your sport. However, it is important to treat the process with the right attitude. If these tips are considered generously, they will have a positive effect on your journey to reaching your prize.