How to Build your own ARC Profile

This article is an overview on how to build your own personal site

Amber Malik · September 10, 2021

When it comes to bu an online presence, you want to create one that best outlines who you are and what you have accomplished. After all, your brand depends on how well you present yourself online. 

Creating an online presence for oneself can be very intimidating and difficult to do as there is a lot of information you may want to convey. This blog will feature seven steps to construct your ARC ARC profile,

How to get started on an ARC profile 

  1. Research ARC profiles
  2. Gather information
  3. Create outline 
  4. Choose Imagery
  5. Create a story for a summary
  6. List relevant skills and experiences
  7. Share your ARC profile 

Research ARC profiles.

It is always a good idea to research how to create an ARC profile and to look at how others have created theirs. Doing so will help you gain inspiration and insights on how to create your own ARC profile. Observing ARC profiles on LinkedIn, Powered By Arc, Facebook, and other platforms are all great ways for you to get inspired. Within our other article “Benefits Of Creating A ARC profile” (insert link), you can view some examples of previously done ARC profiles for inspiration.

Gather information.

After you have seen what ARC profile the next major step can do is to gather all your information you need for your ARC profile. This can include things such as dates of where you worked, teams you have played on and/or any skills. These can be powerful bits of information that you can leverage to give your ARC profile your unique edge. Make sure you gather usernames and passwords for social media accounts and any other accounts you want to link to your account. Doing this will ensure that you have all the necessary information to make your ARC profile experience as smooth as possible.

Create an outline. 

Next, you want to create and visualize and outline for what your ARC profile will look like. Using the information that you gathered in the last step, you should be able to visualize how you want your ARC profile to look like. Mock up what information you want to put and where to begin creating an outline of what you want each section to state about you. This is the perfect opportunity to think of imagery, wording, and seeing what integrated tools you want to display on your ARC profile. Powered By ARC provides many tools to help you in the visual components of a ARC profile, and is worth a shot to check it out to help get inspired with what you can do. 

Choose Imagery

Next, you are going to choose images for your ARC Profile, think mainly about profile, background, and major accomplishment images. While your profile is your blank canvas try to make sure it is something more professional after all, first impressions are very important. You want to make sure your images are simple and convey everything they need to, team photos, player pictures and event photos are perfect to keep handy.  Remember, you do not want to distract the viewers, but rather want them to be focused on you and what makes you special. It is strongly advised not to crop yourself out of a group photo, instead take a photo (or get someone else to do it), and make sure it is of just yourself.

Create a story for a summary. 

A summary is important for your online presence as it allows for a quick snapshot of everything anyone would need to know you. Do not just list some information about yourself but turn that information into something that tells a story about you. This story should be authentic to who you are and not just a bullet point list of information about you. It is better to post key facts about yourself in a descriptive manner that will paint the picture for your readers. Make sure every fact is worth it, represents you, and flows into the next fact, just like an informative story. 

List relevant skills and experiences. 

Your skills and experiences are crucial to building credibility online through your profile and better market yourself. You want to make sure you put down skills and experiences that are most relevant to what you want your profile to achieve. Keeping your information updated ensures people see only the best and most relevant information about you. 

Share your ARC profile 

The final step is the most important as it will dictate your profiles success in achieving its goals. Send it to friends, family members, scouts, coaches, employers, interviewers, online, social media platforms, and anywhere else that you can think of sharing your ARC profile. It is a proud moment to be able to share your authentic and professional selves with everyone. Powered By Arc makes it simple when it comes to sharing your ARC profiles with others. All you have to do is copy your link and post it wherever you would like to. Sharing the link to your ARC profile also enhances the chances of you being seen and heard by others (brand awareness). 

Bonus components 

Building a ARC profile is more than just listing out your success and posting a few photos. A lot of websites have different components that help to enhance your ARC profile. You are free to use imagery and ARC profile photos to help people put a face to your brand. Powered By Arc allows you to integrate your social media platforms onto your ARC profile, allowing others to recognize your success on your different media platforms. It is the perfect way to integrate a part of you that makes up who you are and doing so while making you stand out from the other ARC profiles. Whether it includes linking your Instagram to show everyone how you have more stories about yourself on your Instagram or your favorite playlist that motivates you to work harder every day.