Why Choose ARC Profile Over Other Website Builders?

Niko Kattis · January 6, 2022

ARC profile is a quick, easy, and affordable website builder, that will help you jumpstart your career. With the variety of tutorials, and customizable templates, it is easy to navigate, allowing student-athletes to build the best possible platform in hopes of getting noticed by scouts, sponsors, and fans. People looking to create their own website and market themselves online, may be doing so insufficently by using the wrong website builder. This article attempts to portray the current website builders how how they stack up against Powered by ARC.

Mainstream Website Builders

Link Tree:

Link Tree is a simple tool that allows you to share multiple links on a simple landing page. It is used so users on social media can have access to another users' platforms. Link Tree is free, and also has features such as the ability to share posts, delete posts, and search posts. However, it does not do much more than merely what has been described. For viewers to get a sense of a person on Link Tree, it will require them to open multiple tabs or apps, rather than allowing all important content to be accessed at one destination.


Shopify is an online platform that allows users to build their own websites to sell their products. A lot of people are using Shopify to sell their own creations etc., rather than use it as a way to market themselves. This is evident as Shopify allows users to make payment transactions through the platform. When you create an account on Shopify, there is no need to create a brand on first use, which is something some people might find helpful. There is a brief first-time profile, but it isn't necessary to fill out, as this website builder's primary function is to help users generate ecommerce sales.


WordPress is the most popular website builder, and it's no wonder why. It's easy to use and provides tons of customization options. In fact, 40.5% of websites in the world are ran by the popular website builder, according to BuiltWith.com. There are many types of websites that can be built on WordPress, and the only limit is your own creativity.

So Why Choose Arc Profile?

All website builders are beneficial for users in different ways and for different reasons. While somebody may choose Link Tree to provide viewers with the URLs for their social medias, and another may choose Shopify because they want to sell a product and create an e-commerce website.

Website builders are becoming increasingly more important because people and organizations are constantly communicating and working online. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the daily digital use and dependency of the internet within our society, making technology more prominent for people and buinesses in their emerging stage. For those who want to build their own business or their own brand, website builders are the tool for them and the tool for future generations.

With this being said, ARC profile is the best website builder to use for an athlete/streamer or somebody who wants to get noticed by an employer, scout, fan or a sponsor because ARC profile focuses on providing an easy-to-use software, that will help you build the perfect resume to help you stand out from the rest. If you are looking to brand yourself in any way, then ARC profile will be beneficial for you because unlike Link Tree, Shopify, and WordPress, ARC profile offers the user the opportunity to provide a direct link to their social media page so employers/scouts/other users can get a quick glimpse to somebody’s social media presence. Even though Link Tree offers this, Link Tree does not provide the user with a section to brand themselves further like ARC profile does. Also, on an ARC profile, a user can share videos of whatever they please such as their highlight tape, or a personal achievement so fans and scouts can become more familiar with an athlete/streamer’s style of play. ARC profile is also unique from the rest because of its in-depth features that are available on the profile. Not only can a user unlock achievements on their platform for reaching a personal milestone, but they can build their brand immensely by doing this because it can lead to them unlocking a sponsorship with another company such as Gatorade for example. Another unique feature that is available through ARC profile is live-stat tracking. This is very beneficial for scouts and fans because it keeps them up to date with an athlete/streamers progress and also provides information to them about when the athlete/streamer/user are playing/streaming next. Lastly, ARC’s customizability and easy creation allows a user to make an informative and well put-together profile in minutes. As a matter of fact, ARC profiles have been made in 2 minutes. Having a brand kit available to a user can help them create color schemes on their profile that best suit them and their brand. Also, ARC profile provides the user with a chance to create as many sections as they please on their profile and each section has many different template options so the profile can best suit the user’s brand.

Don’t hesitate! Build your own ARC profile today for an affordable price and market yourself more effectively! Your future starts with an ARC profile.