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Robert Latchford

Class of 2022

More Than a Game

Playing defense is more than just stopping your opponent from scoring. It is defeating your opponent both mentally and physically. It's taking pride in what you do. It's defending your house and your brothers who you take that field with. I play this game full-speed, with 100% effort on every play. If you're the opposing running back or receiver, I feel bad for you - you aren't going to like me very much after we play.

Welcome to the Jungle
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How much do you want it?

Football has always been more than a game to me, it's a lifestyle. It's waking up for that early morning practice or film session with a smile on your face. It's spending those long hours studying film, spending the offseason training to become better, it's about winning battles each and every day.

Lead by Example

The Life of a Student Athlete

Between balancing classes, homework, film, and practice; life can be overwhelming. However, waking up every day ready to succeed both on and off the field is essential to my personal growth and success. Check out the link below to get a glimpse of my daily life!

A Day in the Life

Senior Highlights

Check out my highlights in the video!

Fuel that Matters

To perform effectively in both the classroom and on the field, I always ensure I am fueling my body with nutritious meals that will give me the strength and energy I need to succeed!